• Kevin  Niv Farrow

    Founder + Director

    Kevin Niv Farrow

    Kevin Niv Farrow is an incredible healer, meditation teacher and expert in bio-electrical medicine. He has practiced and studied meditation and the bio-electrical system for more than 45 years and the modality he founded in 2000 is now taught in Australia, Asia, USA, the UK and Europe. His knowledge about the body, mind and bio-electrical system is outstanding and he is passionate about sharing his discoveries with the world. Kevin is also recognised for his depth of understanding in both the practical and esoteric elements of meditation and his down to earth way of teaching. He is the author of The Psychology of the Body, Meditation as Medicine, The Wellness Balance Book and Enlighten: Practices for the modern mystic and has produced a seven volume series of guided meditations called enlighten.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction
    • Training Overview
  • 2
    Module 1
    • Overview of Physical + Electrical Problems
    • Physical and electrical problems
  • 3
    Module 2
    • Abnormal Growth Issues
    • Abnormal Growth Issues Quiz
  • 4
    Module 3
    • Lack of Growth Issues
    • Lack of growth issues quiz
  • 5
    Module 4
    • Field Integrity Shape
    • Field Integrity Shape Quiz
  • 6
    Module 5
    • Field Integrity Function
    • Field Integrity Function quiz
  • 7
    Module 6
    • Summary
  • 8
    Course Notes
    • Course Notes
  • 9
    Live Q+A Session (Recorded)
    • Q+A Session Recording

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