Healing Body + Mind

using bio-electrical flows in the body

AcuEnergetics® is a modern healing modality that works with the bio-electrical system in the body, by encouraging the body to promote faster, natural healing to ease pain and improve physical and emotional health. AcuEnergetics® understands that pain and disease in the body and mind is caused by a disruption in the flow of your body's energy (electricity). The AcuEnergetics® approach uses precise points on the body to restore this natural bio-electrical flow, usually without touching the body. With its comprehensive understanding of the energetic physiology and anatomy of the body, AcuEnergetics® transforms pain and disease in the body and mind, by restoring the natural flow of bio-electricity.
Healing Body + Mind


Discover the pure awareness in you.

Meditation and Mindfulness have been known to have a wide range of benefits for many thousands of years. We often focus on the emotional benefits resulting from meditation which include stress reduction, increasing joy and creating a sense of calm. However there are significant mental benefits which include improved creativity, better focus, increased productivity and improving awareness and listening skills. Meditation and mindfulness also have physical benefits which have been found for many health conditions, including heart disease, cholesterol, high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic pain, cancer, and immunity. As the practice of meditation and mindfulness has become more popular, scientists have started studying it in order to quantify some of those benefits. The results are overwhelmingly positive.


  • Kevin  Niv Farrow


    Kevin Niv Farrow

    Kevin Niv Farrow is a world class healer, meditation teacher and expert in bio-electrical medicine. He has practiced and studied meditation and the energetic system for more than 40 years and the modality he founded almost 20 years ago is now taught in Australia, Asia, USA, the UK and Europe. He is the author of The Psychology of the Body, Meditation as Medicine, The Wellness Balance Book and Enlighten: Practices for the modern mystic and has produced a seven volume series of guided meditations called enlighten.
  • Rochelle Taylor

    Senior Teacher + Practitioner

    Rochelle Taylor

    Rochelle is a Senior AcuEnergetics® Practitioner, Teacher and is also Co-Director of AcuEnergetics®. She has been practicing AcuEnergetics® since 2005 and is fully qualified to teach AcuEnergetics® Level 1 and AcuEnergetics® Level 2. She is currently a co-teacher for AcuEnergetics® Level 3 and the AcuEnergetics® Practitioner Training. Rochelle is a mum of two little ones and has always been interested in finding ways to live a happy and healthy life while helping others. She has been meditating for over 20 years, since she was introduced to the practice in school and found a passion for healing and energy medicine not long after that. Rochelle enjoys the challenges of life, motherhood, family, work, friends and somehow fitting them all in together.

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