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This training – part of the Practitioner Series - deals with basic Bioelectrical Charge in the body. The ancient Chinese medical texts differentiate between yin and yang (negative and positive) charges and between pre heaven (those existing) and post heaven (those introduced) charges and they also mention nutritive qi and several other electrical concepts. This training will sort some of this out simply, through a very basic understanding of electricity. The reason for doing this is that when we have better perspectives of what systems are affected by what kind of charge, this will invariably lead to better diagnosis and better treatments. Please understand that this is a relatively simple version; just to enable you to have a basic understanding of electrical movement and therefore intended to be useful in diagnosing and treating. It’s not a quantum physics course into bioelectrical movements and particles; it’s simply taught, easy to understand and to apply in terms of diagnosing and treating.
About this training

Course curriculum

  • 2
    Bioelectrical Charge Introduction
    • CE Training Bioelectrical Charge 1
    • Bioelectrical Charge Intro Quiz
  • 3
    Bioelectrical Charge: Organs + Meridians
    • CE Training Bioelectrical: Organs + Meridians
    • Bioelectrical Charge: Organs + Meridians Quiz
  • 4
    Bioelectrical Charge: Resonance
    • CE Training Bioelectrical: Resonance
    • Bioelectrical Charge: Resonance Quiz
  • 5
    Bioelectrical Charge: Types of Charge
    • CE Training Bioelectrical Charge: Types of Charge
    • Bioelectrical Charge: Types of Charge Quiz
  • 6
    Bioelectrical Charge Notes
    • Bioelectrical Charge in the Body CE Training 2021
  • 7
    • Electrical Polarity Map
  • 8
    Live Q+A Recording
    • CE Bioelectrical Charge Live Session August 2021

Your Teacher

  • Kevin  Niv Farrow

    Founder + Director

    Kevin Niv Farrow

    Kevin Niv Farrow is an incredible healer, meditation teacher and expert in bio-electrical medicine. He has practiced and studied meditation and the bio-electrical system for more than 45 years and the modality he founded in 2000 is now taught in Australia, Asia, USA, the UK and Europe. His knowledge about the body, mind and bio-electrical system is outstanding and he is passionate about sharing his discoveries with the world. Kevin is also recognised for his depth of understanding in both the practical and esoteric elements of meditation and his down to earth way of teaching. He is the author of The Psychology of the Body, Meditation as Medicine, The Wellness Balance Book and Enlighten: Practices for the modern mystic and has produced a seven volume series of guided meditations called enlighten.

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