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  • Improve Bio-Electrical Flow

    The bio-electrical system in the body is influenced by your physical, emotional and mental health. Meditations can help to open your heart and mind and improve bio-electrical flow.

  • Eases Pain + Speed Healing

    Meditation is proven to help with a wide range of both common and complicated complaints. From improving your brain function, improving pain symptoms, to helping with anxiety and depression, meditation is a valuable skill.

  • Feel Happier

    Meditation is proven to make you feel happier. Once you get into a regular daily meditation practice, you will really start to notice the benefits , including feeling more joyful, calm, aware and conscious.

Meditation Teacher

  • Kevin  Niv Farrow


    Kevin Niv Farrow

    Kevin Niv Farrow is a world class healer, meditation teacher and expert in bio-electrical medicine. He has practiced and studied meditation and the energetic system for more than 40 years and the modality he founded almost 20 years ago is now taught in Australia, Asia, USA, the UK and Europe. He is the author of The Psychology of the Body, Meditation as Medicine, The Wellness Balance Book and Enlighten: Practices for the modern mystic and has produced a seven volume series of guided meditations called enlighten.

What's inside?

  • 1
    Week 1
    • Week 1 Live Class
    • Note from Niv
    • Meditation Basics with Niv
  • 2
    Week 2
    • Week 2 Live Class
    • Week 2 Note from Niv
    • Hand Feeling Technique
  • 3
    Week 3
    • Week 3 Live Class
    • Week 3 Note from Niv
  • 4
    Week 4
    • Week 4 Live Class
    • Week 4 Note from Niv
  • 5
    Week 5
    • Week 5 Live Class
    • Week 5 Note from Niv
  • 6
    Week 6
    • Week 6 Live Class
    • Week 6 Note from Niv

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